24/7 Emergency Support

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At JR Automation, we build the equipment you depend on, and our Customer Service team is here 24/7 to make sure it stays running long after installation. We understand that when a robot crashes or a part breaks, there isn't downtime on production to spare.

 24/7 Support Hotline: (616) 820-3380

24/7 Emergency Support

24/7 Emergency Support

We're known for our dedication to our customers with our 24/7 Emergency Support & Service offerings. We know that when a robot crashes or a part breaks, there isn't downtime on production to spare. Our robotic service engineers are dedicated to keeping you up and running, so if you encounter a robot emergency even in the middle of the night, you can rest assured knowing that we're here for you around the clock. With top level support and an unmatched response team, we'll do what it takes to get your system running smoothly again.

Robot Refurbishment

Robot Refurbishment

By refurbishing out-of-service robots, our service engineers are able to offer an affordable approach to integrating robots into automation processes. Engineers inspect, refurbish, and test the robot for functionality and utility. Testing lasts a minimum of four hours (with maximum payload) to check backlash, repeat-ability, and productivity in a simulated production environment.

Our thorough inspection process includes:
  • Maintenance issues
  • Component wear
  • Functionality
  • Repeat-ability
  • System fault recovery
  • Aesthetics
  • Missing components
  • Voltage
  • Functionality
  • Software

Following the inspection process, our team will document their findings and provide a comprehensive repair quote for the customer to review and approve. Upon approval of the quote, our service engineers will get to work refurbishing the robot. This process may take some time depending on the level of service required. Once the refurbish process is complete, rigorous testing of the robot is performed to ensure the safety of the unit and that it is fully operational.  

Our testing process typically includes:
  • Safely power-up the robot and controller
  • Perform repeat-ability test
  • Inspect robot components 
  • Backlash observation on each axis



Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs

Are you looking to ensure the safety and reliability of your equipment? Our Customer Service team can provide you with customized preventive and periodic maintenance programs for your FANUC, Panasonic, ABB and Motoman robots. Our progressive maintenance programs are designed to extend robot life, preserve and enhance reliability, prevent unscheduled downtime, and correlate maintenance with production rather than waiting for component failure.

Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
Annual Maintenance Programs
Annual Maintenance Programs

Preventive Maintenance

Regular maintenance is critical to the longevity and performance of your automated equipment. We provide manufacturer recommended maintenance services for a variety of robot brands, including FANUC, ABB, Motoman and Panasonic, to ensure your equipment continues operating at optimal performance. In addition, we are able to perform a grease analysis allowing us to make predictive maintenance recommendations. A detailed report of our findings is provided upon completion.

Our preventive maintenance plan includes the following features: 

  • Safety device check
  • Grease and battery change
  • Functionality verification
  • Controller ventilation cleaning
  • Internal and external cable inspection
  • Robot program backups
  • Corrective maintenance diagnosis
  • Oil and grease replacement
  • Robot mastering verification
  • Mechanical brake inspection
  • Excessive backlash test

Annual Maintenance Programs

JR Automation can partner with you in creating a maintenance program that will keep you running with minimal unscheduled down time. And for those unexpected emergencies? No late night headaches trying to get a PO issued as the financial details have been addressed proactively.

Each of our customers' needs are unique, therefore we do not offer a "standard agreement." Instead, we work with each of our customers to develop a customized maintenance agreement. We give our customers the power to determine how much, and what kind, of support is right for them. Some typical features of our maintenance programs include:

  • Preventive Maintenance and Service
  • Emergency Down Support
  • PLC and Controls Support
  • Monthly On Site Support - This could entail Q&A sessions with operators, cycle time improvements, address repairs found the previous month, etc.
  • Built in dollars to be used for Spare Parts or Training at the end of the agreement.

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