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JR Automation will be exhibiting at the following trade shows in 2017 and 2018. Be sure to follow us on social media for more details and updates! We look forward to seeing you there!

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Trade shows


November 6-9, 2017  |  McCormick Place  |  Chicago, IL  |  Booth #B15054

IMTS 2018

September 10 - 15, 2018  |  McCormick Place  |  Chicago, IL  |  Booth #236275


Vision and robots is an exciting marriage of two technologies that are both constantly evolving, especially with the advent of 3D vision and powerful software algorithms. A panel of experts will discuss trends in this important sector of our industry.

The aerospace industry is an interesting true case study for automation. Many of the large jetliner manufacturers have years of backlog in their order books and need to think about ways to use automation and robotics to reduce build times, increase security, quality, safety and stay compliant in their approach to automated manufacturing systems. Our panel will talk about this as the aerospace industry approaches innovative methods to use automation. Join our expert panel for this one-hour webinar.

As one of the largest custom automation suppliers in the nation, JR Automation sees nearly every type of request for automated systems. Because of that, we have gained a unique perspective on which robotic applications consumers are asking for and are willing to invest in. This webinar will focus on where both types of robots are best applied, the pros and cons of each, and macro-industry trends.

The ownership of intellectual property in manufacturing and automation can be a major stumbling block for both small and large integrators. For many companies, the T’s and C’s (terms and conditions) can take a project and turn it into a time-consuming, frustrating experience on both sides of the final negotiation and indeed increases the cost, affects delivery, impacts the relationship and changes the competitive landscape as companies on both sides can escape. There simply has to be some creative middle ground where manufacturers and business owners can create a shared or win-win environment. We talk to the contract negotiators and business owners to check in on trends in IP ownership in custom automation.

The JR team provided a solution that required only one machine--instead of four--and a vastly reduced cycle time.