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Industries Served

Industries Served

JR Automation Technologies serves the Automotive industry.

The wheels never stop turning when it comes to ideas for enhancing the consumer driving experience. Our customers are Tier 1 suppliers of automobile seating components, textiles, interior/exterior components, filtration, and safety systems. We partner with leaders in the expansive Automotive Industry, and that is a relationship we are proud to share.

JR Automation Technologies serves the Aerospace/Defense industry.

From the drawing board to flight, our customers are the brains behind aeronautical design, specializing in the careful balance of technology, science, and aerodynamics. Combined with our innovative assembly solutions, we like to think the sky's the limit. We partner with some of the world's leading Aerospace engineers, and as a result, we have gained substantial cross industry experience.


JR Automation Technologies serves the Life Sciences industry.
Life Sciences

JR Automation provides innovative manufacturing solutions to leading companies within the Life Sciences industry. Whether you're looking for standalone operator assisted equipment or fully-automated enterprise level systems, our team will partner with you to create a customized solution that fits your needs. From product assembly through final packaging, we ensure that medical/pharmaceutical products manufactured on our equipment perform as needed through a high degree of process control and non-destructive testing. A collaboration with JR Automation means high precision and high repeatability, for both process and product.

JR Automation Technologies serves the Battery/Energy industry.

A customer comes to us with an environmentally innovative idea; together we lay the groundwork. When the product grows to its full potential, we are perfectly poised to design automation that is deeply rooted in the global goals of energy efficiency, smaller carbon footprints, and conservation of materials. Our customers create green products for consumers, and our automation creates profit for our customers.

JR Automation Technologies serves the Electronics/Consumer Goods industry.
Electronics/Consumer Goods

Look around your home or office; hundreds of items have been packaged, assembled, painted, manufactured and designed. We help our customers create those everyday items. Our customers approach us with ideas and product designs, and we help them deliver, package, and assemble the goods.

JR Automation Technologies serves the Food and Beverage industry.
Food and Beverage

Perhaps the most important factor to consider in modern food and beverage production is sanitization within the manufacturing environment. Our customers set the standards high for providing products with the end-user in mind. The research and development, health regulations, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, and marketing of food are more than just processes, they are design guidelines.

JR Automation Technologies serves the Construction industry.

From fire protection system components to windows, laminate/carpet floor coverings to paint can packaging, our customers introduce us to emerging technologies as well as patented products that have been used for over 100 years. Applications for commercial or domestic use are obtainable, right down to your kitchen cabinetry. With our cross industry experience, our doors are always open for the next new project.

JR Automation Technologies serves the Amusement industry.

We have been a partner in progress for the top amusement brands across the globe, working together to bring world-first amusement experiences to market. We offer proven expertise in delivering safe, reliable, and innovative attractions by applying hundreds of hours of experience, consistent hard work, and integrity to meet scope, schedule, and budget objectives for each unique project.

We also eliminate in-field operational risk through a seasoned and experienced staff of engineers. Starting from white-paper concepts, our engineers develop and prototype critical safety and mechanical designs, conducting hours of internal and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).

We are relentless in finding all opportunities for operational improvement, well in advance of the ride’s installation at the customers’ site. Visit www.setpointinc.com to learn more.